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Strategy Implementation

"Strategy without execution, is aimless...
Without strategy, execution is useless."

            - Michael Porter

But what exactly is a strategy?

Can we define this elusive concept?

Make sure you are fully aware of what principles is your strategy based on?

Is your strategy sustainable?

Did you know that strategy has a more to do with what your competition is doing and less to do with "attempting to be THE BEST."

The video above by Dr. Porter explains this problem very well.

These Strategy Implementation programs, are long term programs that span a whole year or more, with frequent, half yearly review sessions. The frequency of interactions can be as high as once a month, if needed.

"A key element of Strategy Implementation is The Balanced Scorecard."

This is tool that was developed by Prof. Dr. Robert Kaplan. It leads to the following benefits:

  • Brings Clarity to the Strategy
  • Identifies Blind Spots for the Organization
  • Clarifies Priorities and channelizes energies to the right initiatives
  • Helps destroy Silo Culture
  • Triggers balanced, sustainable growth
  • Transforms Productivity
  • Brings Cause & Effect relationship between competency, culture and capabilities...with the final outcome of customer delight and profitability.

    For more detailed information about our Strategy Implementation Course, download the pdf brochure , here.

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